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"From simple home maintenance requests to more complicated home repairs or remodels, I have no hesitation referring past or present Sombra customers to Jay as I am confident that he will deliver the same quality of work while providing outstanding and professional customer service."- Patty Jureack, Sombra Homes, Custom Service Manager
“Prompt response, full range of options, best price!”- Tony Eichorn, Independent Financial Services Professional
“Jay is the consummate professional, he was able to quote the work I requested quickly and accurately. The work was done in the specified amount of time, I was very happy with the quality of work and would not hesitate to recommend Jay for future projects.”- Chuck Morales, Tucson Newspapers, Production Manager
"We have used One Stop 3 times now. The first was for landscaping at our business and Jay was able to get someone out to do the work the day after calling! The second was for roof work at our house. The work was completed in a timely manner and was reasonably priced. We are now working with a landscaper for our back yard at home and even though the work has been started yet, we are very pleased with how it's gone so far. We will be needing plumbing work in the future (we are going to remodel our home bathroom) and we will be calling One Stop when we are ready for that project."- Owner, Dan's Toy Shop
“In my time with Jay at our mutual former place of employment I found him to be a detailed controller. He not only was able to make sure all of the numbers were accurate but he took a personal interest in the company to make sure it was financially healthy. All decisions he made were with the highest integrity. Additionally he was always concerned about the staff morale and did what he could to make the place a better place to work.”- Alex Liebeskind,On Top of I.T., Owner
“Jay was very response to an enquiry I made for roof repair and interior water damage repair. The work was done quickly and professionally.”- Mark Moellenhoff, Pima Community College, Adjunct Math Instructor
"Tracy from One Stop did an absolutely phenomenal job, far more than I had expected. My husband even commented that no other landscaping service had ever trimmed and cleaned up our yard like Tracy did. I had let it go for too long and it was a monstrous job. He is very polite and professional and finished the job as expected and far exceeded our expectations. I will certainly contact you again when it comes time for another cleanup. I'll also recommend you to anyone in need of landscaping or other services."- Mary Anne Brown, Realtor, SFR,Long Realty Company
“Jay tells it like it is and covers the details like no one I have ever known. Further, he is willing to partner on projects as opposed to simply dictating how things should be. His life experiences and his success are an inspiration to those around him, and I would recommend Jay to anyone looking for competence, discipline and honesty from their business associates.”- Travis Carson, JD/MBA, Soreo Select Holdings, LLC, Principal
"I have used Jay's services at "One Stop" for two (2) years. He has maintained and renovated my rental property and corporate office in Tucson. Jay and I review a plan, we agree on a budget, and then I trust Jay to make the decisions to accomplish the desired outcome. Jay gets the job done, on time, and on budget."- Wendy Sokol, SOREO, Owner and CEO